Why Hire An OUI Lawyer?

There are so many attorneys who advertise for drunk driving defense that it can feel overwhelming when it comes to deciding where to turn for help. In fact, any lawyer who is licensed to practice in the state of Massachusetts can, in theory, handle an OUI/DUI/ DWI case. However, the potential consequences of a drunk driving charge go well beyond the payment of a fine and a possible driver's license suspension. That is why it is important to seek help from an experienced OUI defense lawyer.

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The Impact of a Drunk Driving Conviction Has Far-Reaching Consequences

Errors in how your OUI/DUI/DWI case is handled can have a lot of adverse consequences. In addition to fines, court costs, probation, license suspension, mandatory classes, and increased insurance premiums a conviction can also have a negative impact on:

  • Child custody
  • Commercial driver's licenses
  • Concealed weapons permits
  • Disability insurance
  • Employment
  • Immigration status
  • Liquor licenses
  • Military induction
  • Pilot licenses
  • Other professional licenses

In Massachusetts, if you are convicted of drunk driving and fail to enroll in an alcohol education program, you will have a permanent criminal record. That means if you are charged with an OUI 20 or 30 years from now, you will be considered to be a repeat offender and subject to enhanced penalties, including whatever mandatory sentences that may be enacted in the future.

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