Sexual Assault Abuse Attorney

Sexual Assault & Abuse

Criminal charges of a sexual nature are very serious. Even if there is no substance to the allegations, your reputation can take a severe hit. That is why it is important to retain experienced legal counsel who can help provide you with a strong sex crime defense.

Bedford-Concord defense attorney Peter G. DeGelleke has been helping to protect the rights of individuals throughout Massachusetts since 1977. He understands what is at stake for people who have been accused of these types of crimes and he will work hard to minimize the potential consequences. For a free initial, confidential consultation, complete an online contact form or call 781-275-0800.

Serious Charges Require a Serious Defense

Charges alleging sexual misconduct are very serious, and a conviction can result in incarceration, mandatory sex offender treatment, and registration as a sex offender. With this much at stake, a solid criminal defense is essential.

A proper defense usually requires a thorough investigation and an aggressive pursuit of information about the accuser. In some cases, it may be advisable to employ the services of an investigator, a polygraph expert or a psychologist in order to achieve the most favorable disposition. Attorney DeGelleke will thoroughly review the circumstances that have led to your criminal charges, and he will help explain your options and let you know how best to proceed.

Accused of Sexual Assault or Abuse? Contact a Defense Attorney.

If you have been accused of any type of sex crime, it is important to seek advice from a lawyer right away. Attorney DeGelleke is committed to providing excellent personal service to help his clients navigate the criminal justice system. When you hire him to defend you, he will devote his full attention to your case. Mr. DeGelleke will never delegate responsibility for your defense to a paralegal or a less-experienced attorney without your permission. Complete an online contact form or call 781-275-0800 to set up a free initial consultation.