Personal Injury Case Summaries

Case Summaries — Personal Injury and Wrongful Death

Doctor failed to properly monitor healing of arm fracture after surgery resulting in pain and partial loss of range of motion.
Result: Settlement of $250,000.

College student sustained scalp and hand cuts and a concussion in a car accident on Route 2 in Bedford that was caused by another driver. He was not admitted to the hospital. A doctor believed that his head injury caused some attention span and memory problems for a period of time.
Result: Settlement of $165,000

A man in his late 50s who was in treatment with a psychologist for depression committed suicide, leaving a widow and two teenage children. Investigation revealed that the psychologist breached the standard of care by failing to act on the patient's increasing depression.
Result: Settlement of $500,000

A forty-year-old single man died in the North Tower of the World Trade Center in the September 11 terrorist attacks. The family filed a claim with the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund.
Result: Settlement of $1.3 million

A Framingham resident sustained several fractured ribs and a punctured lung in an auto accident caused by a driver going through a stop sign in Norwood.
Result: Recovery of $100,000 (settlement for the driver's $20,000 policy limit plus an award of $80,000 in underinsurance benefits - also the policy limits - following a contested arbitration hearing).

Nursing home patient sustained burn to her arm from falling out of bed and landing near a heater. Investigation revealed that nursing home violated standards regarding distance of beds from heaters. $90,000 settlement before filing suit.

Client sustained severe hand injury using a circular saw. Unknown to client, saw owner had removed safety guard on saw. Claim settled against homeowner's insurer of saw owner before suit. Settlement amount $265,000.

Client had headaches and vertigo after being struck by a car while a pedestrian. No hospitalization. Client tried to settle with insurer but could only obtain $2,000 offer. Client did not want to file suit and case settled for $10,000 after attorney became involved.

Man hit in face by stranger in Boston, sustained nose fracture. Perpetrator was identified by police, and he later paid a $10,000 settlement.

Car struck at intersection resulting in neck and back pain requiring physical therapy but no hospitalization or surgery. Case settled for $25,000.

Young boy sustained injury to his penis from being caught in the mesh of a swimsuit. He fully recovered. Investigation revealed that manufacturer of swimsuit was aware of similar injuries, but it failed to change the design. Settlement of $25,000.

Head-on collision resulting in small sternum fracture which did not require treatment other than pain medication. Settlement of $28,000.

Woman hit by car that rolled down hill after breaking loose from tow truck. Client had neck, back and knee injury with outpatient arthroscopic surgery. Settlement of $105,000.

Driver struck broadside by car that ran a red light. Injury was a clavicle fracture requiring outpatient surgery. Settlement of $50,000 policy limit from other driver, and $80,000 from client's underinsurance insurance coverage.

Pedestrian struck by car in crosswalk sustained leg fractures and required surgery. Settlement of $330,000.

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